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What is it

APC Insurance provides protection for planning costs if planning permission is refused. Below are some of the types of costs that are covered by this insurance:

  • - Preliminary Site Investigations
  • - Local Planning Authority pre-application fees
  • - Planning Application Fees
  • - Legal Fees
  • - Appeal costs
  • - Project management & professional fees associated with the proposal including Planning Consultants, Architects, Highways Consultants, Ecological Consultants, Surveyors, Flood Risk Engineers, Landscape Architects, Acoustic Consultants, Land Contamination Consultants, Heritage consultants, Accountants


The amount of cover is linked to a planning application and this is mapped out within a budget at the outset. Each project is assessed against key underwriting and risk criteria to determine the scope and whether suitable for insurance.Once the policy starts, the Insured will pursue the planning application and the policy cover runs until either;

  • - Planning Application is granted;
  • - An Adverse decision;
  • - An Insurer decision

An Adverse Decision is refusal of the planning application by the local planning authority, or dismissal of an appeal by the Planning Inspectorate. This then enables the Insured to claim for a loss. An insurer decision is if the planning application ceases to have prospects of success, this solidifies the insurer’s liability for loss at the date that the insurer decision is made.

If the insured withdraws the planning application following an insurer decision, the insured will be entitled to claim for loss under the Policy. The insured may continue with the planning application following an insurer decision but will not be able to make claim for loss under the policy until a decision has been made at appeal or the planning application is otherwise withdrawn. In any event, the insurer’s liability for loss will not exceed that calculated at the date of the insurer decision.

Insurance is available on its own without LNDSURE funding.

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LNDSURE provide fast access to planning funding for all development projects that satisfy our insurance criteria.

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