• What is the insurance?

    LNDSURE has established a unique and exclusive new form of indemnity insurance to cover the costs incurred should planning be refused. Our Abortive Planning Costs policy is available to Developers, Investors and Funders for projects across the United Kingdom.
  • How is the policy assessed?

    Our process is to create comprehensive risk profiles, using our professional team of underwriters and advisors, to assess the strength and weaknesses of the planning arrangements, providing insurance coverage for the remaining risk exposures and to also provide a first port-of-call reaction to potential claims.
  • What does the insurance cover?

    All third-party costs associated with a planning application. It will cover an element of project management costs that relate directly to the project. It does not cover commercial costs such as land option fees.
  • What is required to apply for insurance?

    • APC Application form
    • Detailed planning summary document by an RITP
    • Copy of pre-applicstion response from the LPA
    • Financial summary detailing cost to be considered
    • Copy of DNO agreement (renewables)
    • Plans and drawings
    • Any supporting documents
  • How long to get cover?

    With the correct information, 2 weeks to assess suitability. If suitable a further 2 weeks to issue a policy.
  • Who is this cover for?

    We cover all types of planning in the UK. We currently only look at projects of £100k of planning costs and above.
  • What is the typical cost?

    Each project is individually assessed and rated but we estimate premiums in a range of 15-20% of the cover required.
  • What do you fund?

    All costs/amounts mapped out within the insurance policy. All planning costs.
  • How do I get funding?

    Purchase APC insurance and allow our in house experts to underwrite the basic commerical elements of the projects to assess the security available to our funders whilst the loan is issued.
  • How much does it cost?

    Our funders will charge an interest rate only. This will be repaid along with the loan within a pre agreed timeframe post planning determination. Funders will also take a charge over the land agreement until the loan is repaid. LNDSURE charge a success fee for facilitating this financing only in successful outcomes.
    In simple terms to a developer: Insurance premium + Interest on loan + LNDSURE success fee = cost of using the platform.
    Based on our knowledge of the traditional market for planning funding, LNDSURE’s solution is very competitive. Additionally – all funders do not require personal guarantees or a pipeline of projects.
  • How long does it take?

    For the commercial underwriting process to assess suitability for funding we allow 1 month.

Planning Insurance

Our exclusive Abortive Planning Costs Insurance covers the costs incurred if a planning application is refused.

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