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What is it

LNDSURE provide a funding solution for our clients. We provide the capital required to go through the planning phase of any development. By using our own bespoke insurance product to protect our funders LNDSURE are able to provide planning finance to our clients at competitive rates.

Traditional funding within the planning space is renowned for being exceptionally expensive for obvious reasons. With LNDSURE’s insurance backed funding model they can provide a turn-key solution for our developers and promoters.

How It Works

LNDSURE have a panel of funding partners who understand the protection we offer through our insurance product and thorough underwriting processes. LNDSURE can therefore facilitate finance for their developers and promoters to support them through the planning phase of their projects.

The purchase of APC insurance is a requirement should the client wish to apply for funding. LNDSURE will review and commerically underwrite each project on behalf of their funders and if the project is suitable will offer the client a loan to see them through to a planning determination. In event of a planning refusal our insurers will reimburse our funders.

In the event of a successful planning determination, the client will repay the loan plus interest to the funders within a pre agreed timeframe.

Rates available upon initial consultation. Please get in touch for more information.

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Planning Insurance

Our exclusive Abortive Planning Costs (APC) insurance covers the costs incurred if a planning application is refused.

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